Upgrade Installation Procedure

Follow the guide step by step to upgrade your Motadata and RPE server. The guide is updated on every upgrade release. Some important points to know are:

  • Follow Prerequisites and Backup steps every time before release.

  • Follow all the steps of this guide.

  • Make sure your current version is up and running before going for upgrade.

  • The new plugins (released with an upgrade) should be uploaded and activated manually.


Motadata provides two types of installation: ISO and upgrade installation. In both types, first install the ISO and make sure that Motadata is up and running. Then apply the upgrade patch.

How to use this guide?

  1. Prerequisites: The prerequisites are the steps to keep your current data safe. If anytime the upgrade process fails, you can revert the server and cross-verify your data.

  2. Take Backup: If you are using Virtual Machine (VM), simply take the snapshot. If you are using bare metal (Physical Machine), copy the ‘motadata’ folder in a different directory.

  3. Upgrade Steps Follow the steps of master server and RPE server. After upgrading, configure the server for