Welcome to Motadata documentation!

Welcome to the Motadata platform user guide! This guide provides an overview of product features and steps to use them.

What is Motadata?

Pertaining to its name, MOTA-data, it is capable of processing huge amount of data. Motadata enables your organization with proactive monitoring, event detection, and reporting and problem escalation for mission-critical components of IT infrastructures through an intuitive Web application. It offers out-of-the-box discovery, availability, health, performance and fault management, and reporting of multi-vendor applications.

Motadata Web application provides instant Business Visibility by monitoring your critical IT Infrastructure, not limited to your network-based services, applications and systems. Current monitoring services include availability, performance, applications, e-commerce, SNMP, port monitoring and custom device/attributes monitoring capability. It is designed to be a flexible system where you can set thresholds, test intervals, filter on status views, schedule notifications and generate standard or custom reports. Instant Business Visibility gives you access to your data through a Web interface. It saves your time and reduces costs by enabling you to quickly identify and resolve downtime problems. You can use Motadata without any investment in additional infrastructure or technical expertise.

Let’s Get Started

  1. Fresh Installation Guide - Start your Motadata journey with the installation guide. The guide is for fresh installation and helps you with necessary requirements, installation steps and logging into Motadata.

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  1. Upgrade Guide - It is recommended to always use the latest version of Motadata. Use this guide to upgrade from your existing Motadata version to the latest one. Please read the notes and steps carefully as some features get discontinued and may result in partial data loss.

  2. User Guide: The guide helps you to understand all the functions and features that are available on Motadata GUI. Please Note! that the admin related functions are explained in Admin Guide. So let’s start with the first screen i.e. login page of Motadata.

Browser Compatibility

Motadata is compatible with following browsers:

  • Google chrome: 60x and higher

  • Mozilla firefox: 60x and higher

We highly recommend to use the latest version of above browsers.